We take pride in our silver award for best customer rating scores 2021 (9,5/10)

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The turn of the year is the time for many law firms to showcase the many awards they have won in the past year. Nowadays, every firm seems to win some kind of award as the best law firm in one or the other niche category.  


At Sirius Legal, we consciously decided a few years ago not to participate in the maddening of elections and awards. Why? Because, we don’t believe you can tell the quality of a law firm from a shiny statue at the reception desk or a mention in a legal ranking guide based on the assessment of an invisible jury.

No, if you ask us, the quality of a law firm is best judged by simply asking those who really know: the clients who have worked with that firm throughout the year. We are therefore very pleased to know that at the end of the year, precisely those clients confirm that they are indeed very satisfied with our services. 

Online reviews

That is also the reason why, at Sirius Legal 5 years ago, we resolutely opted for absolute transparency and public reviews by our clients. If you want to know how our clients rate our services, you can read it openly on our website and on Advocaatscore, usually positive, sometimes -rightfully so- critical and in any case always sincere and direct.  

In contrast to the expensive awards and elections, our reviews do not only gauge our legal expertise (that expertise should be self-evident for every lawyer, by the way). In our opinion, the fact that a lawyer has worked for a prestigious client or that he or she has won a high value case says little about the quality of the service provided by that lawyer.  

No, if you really want to know whether a firm does a good job, other criteria are at least equally important:

  • How was the communication with your lawyer?
  • Did you get all the information you needed about your case?
  • Were the agreements on timings and rates clear and correct?
  • Was the advice you received sufficiently pragmatic and practical, and did it meet your expectations?
  • Was your lawyer personally involved with you as a client and with your case? 
  • Was he or she aware of all the latest updates and details and was he or she available whenever you needed him or her?

Those are the criteria that, for us at Sirius Legal, determine whether our clients were satisfied with our services and that is exactly the feedback we like to receive from them.

Permanent quality control, thanks to our clients

We don’t ask for all of that feedback just to show off the positive reviews on our website, of course. In fact, we pay even more attention to the occasional critical review than we do to the positive feedback.  After all, it is the critical clients who make us rethink the way we work and it is based on their input that we constantly review our internal processes, train our team and try to make our approach even more client oriented. In other words, the reviews we receive from our clients are the starting point of a permanent internal feedback loop that ensures continuous internal evaluation and adjustment.

And how did we do last year?

We learn from the critical reviews, but of course we are also very happy with the positive reviews. For the third year in a row, the end of the year also shows that we score exceptionally high on customer satisfaction, since once we made it into the top 3 of best-rated law firms in the country and no award or election can beat that!

And most important of all: thanks to all those reviews, you, our clients, make us even better and stronger with every case you entrust us with. A very warm thank you for that on behalf of our entire team! And next time we promise we’ll do (even) better!

Questions for our team?

Feel free to call or email Bart Van den Brande on +32 486 901 931 or at bart@siriuslegal.be or schedule a video call here .

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